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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Love Birds" wall hanging how to

Much like many of us, I have succumbed to the fall fashion trends and I am into birds. I love the shapes and all of the different things you can do with birds. I recently made a wall hanging for the living room in my home that is pretty simple.

You need:
A 4”X16” wooden wall hanging
2 bird cutouts
2 small jewel stick on gems
“Love Birds” chip board or letter cutouts
Branch cutout
Black paint
Paint brush
12”X12” paper (yellow luster)

The first thing I did was paint the border of my wall hanging black; then I covered the inside with my 12”X12” paper. I covered the inside with paper because I really liked it, it would probably be easier to paint the inside as well.
After you have your surface finished I added my branches then placed my birds, with jewels as eyes, on. Once I had my birds where I wanted them I added my buttons along the branches. I used different colors and sizes, however they were all mat and fit my color scheme. This is something I played with until I had the right combination and placement. I then placed my “Love Birds” phrase down. Once I knew everything was in place I glued it down.
If you wanted to Mod Podge this wall hanging I would recommend doing it before placing the jewel eyes on your birds and the buttons on.
As a modification, you could also use button as eyes, and even place jewels on top!

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