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Saturday, November 26, 2011

DIY Cricut and thrift store coat rack!

My husband recently sent me in search of a coat rack. My first thought was that Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond would have one; but I pass a "new uses" store on my way to work and I figured before spending $40 on one I'd hit the thrift store.
I walked around for a while letting all the possibilities set in. I picked up a few items including a mirror for $7 (blog to come) and a lamp base which I havent decided if I want to leave alone or decorate a lamp shade. The best find might be the coat rack for $3-all of the needed hardware included.
Before! I got a little excited and started to paint before taking a full picture, this is still a good idea of what the entire rack looked like.
Now by looking at the picture you can see why this was only $3, but like me you can probably see potential! I know my husband thought I was crazy when I pulled this out of the bag, but with some paint, a few letter, and some decoupage; my thrift store coat rack turned into one of the favorite parts of my entryways!
 For this project I used:
Sand paper
Black paint
paint brush (2)

I first sanded the entire piece, I found that on the areas I didn't sand well the paint didn't stick. I applied several coats of black paint. I used black craft paint, the kind they always have on sale at Michael's for around $0.50. I let this dry for about 30-45 minutes, this paint does dry fast. Using spray paint could work nicely too.
I used my Cricut to cut out the letters and phrases, however finding letters and/or phrases at craft stores is a good option. Because I used my Cricut to cut my letters/phrases out I could play with what size worked and the layout.
After I had all my letters cut out and the paint was dry I used my homemade decoupage to add my letters. I also gave the entire coat rack 2 coats to keep the letters secure and from scratches.

In total this project cost around $6! I think that is so awesome with Christmas right around the corner and Holiday travels too!
$3 coat rack
$0.20 decoupage
$0.50 Paint
$1 2 foam brishes
$1 2 sheets scrapbook paper (8"X11")

I also plan on making something like this for my wall as just a plaque, no knobs. You can purchase wood at a Home Depot or most craft stores. The possibilities for modifying this craft are endless!
Have fun and happy crafting!

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