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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIY purse notebook

I always like to have something in my purse to write notes or to keep track of things when I'm out. I think post-it's are great, but they get messy in a purse or bag getting bounced around so I covered some up with some card stock, added a monogram, and decoupaged a pen to match. Now I have a personalized notepad exactly the way I want it!
For this project I used:
Patterned cardstock
Pattern sissors
"W" cutout
Circle cutout
Post it's
Hot glue
Mod podge
Velcro dots

The first thing I did was cut my  cardstock down to size, this will be different depending on what paper you buy. For my post it's, I needed to cut mine to be 3.5" X 8. Place the post it with about 3.5" from the bottom and fold up and over from both ends. Make sure to make a crisp fold at each corner of your notepad.

Add a Velcro dot to the center and seal to adhere. As shown, I have a picture of a pen to match. I cut cardstock to match and covered the paper and pen with a thin layer of mod podge. This took some time to adhere. I rolled the pen to make the ends lay flat and applied a coat of mod podge to protect the paper. You may need to make your pen cap bigger to accommodate the paper, I did so using pliers. Below is a picture with no monogram, just to show that it looks nice without embellishment.

 I have seen something like this given out as a favor for a baby shower or a wedding shower with a rubber duck, rattles, or campaign glasses on the front. These are super easy and quick to make. A great idea for last minute Christmas gifts!

Happy crafting!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY Small gift box

This weekend we wrapped all of our presents at our house, and late Sunday night I realized I forgot to wrap my work secret Santa gift. I looked through all our leftover bags, and found nothing useful, aand my gift was too small to wrap. So I decided to make my own gift box!
I used an almost empty cold pill box, covered it with a thin layer of decoupage glue, and cut scrap wrapping paper to fit!

This ended up being the perfect size for what I needed. I work with kids and am perpetually fighting off a cold, so I have an infinite supply of boxes! These would be perfect for gift cards, jewellery, or other small gifts!

Happy crafting!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

DIY Thrift Store Chalk Board

At my last thrift store run I got a coat rack (Link to coat rack tutorial ), a mirror, and a few other things. I have wanted to make a chalk board for our kitchen for a while, but I couldn't find the right frame to make it in. The mirror I got was $10 and I got 2 cans of spray paint for about $6 each. The mirror started out looking like this:
I started out bu sanding the entire frame and mirror surface.Next, I painted the entire surface a high-gloss white, I needed about 3 coats. I waited a few days, then taped and used plastic to cover the white frame. I covered the mirror only part with the chalkboard paint and finished!
We use ours for grocery lists, notes, and reminders, not to mention it covers the fuse box!

For this project I used:
1 Large frame glass/mirror in
1 can of chalkboard spray paint (they also have available in brush on and is less expensive)
1 can of high-gloss white
Sand paper
Masking tape
Plastic grocery bags

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas stocking hangers DIY

I have been looking for ways to hang my Christmas stocking without damaging my walls, and I didn't want to use the command hooks. I came up with the idea of using door knobs! I went to Home Depot to look at knobs and not knowing if I want to keep the knobs up as picture hangers later, I was not looking to spend a fortune. I ended up with plain wooden door knobs that look like this:
I painted them black then applied a opalescent coat over the top and applied a small gem in the center. This is the finished product!

I fastened them to the wall with the smallest command strips! To make your own stocking hanger you need:
Wooden door knobs
Craft paint
Small gem or embelishment

This project took minutes to complete, but I think looks so nice with our color scheme. Best of all, it cost under $4!

Happy crafting!

Simple Christmas card ideas

My goal this year was to make all of my Christmas cards, however, I did not realize how lofty of a goal this was until I started! I had a hard time finding inspiration so I thought I'd upload some examples for those of you looking!
Happy crafting!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas for at Home Crafters

Do you like to make crafts at home? Are you searching for the perfect gift for your crafter? Here are a few gift ideas which will help you or your loved one decorate your home.

Thanks to electronic precision and easy-to-use design, the Cricut Expression personal cutting machine makes it a snap to create beautiful cards, displays, scrapbooks, signs, and labels. Great for home, office, or classroom use, the machine features a generous range for small or large shapes and can accommodate materials from vellum to cardstock to vinyl. Creating a cut requires simply inserting a cartridge, loading the machine, making a selection, and pressing “cut.”

This Cricut Essentials Kit lives up to its name, as it provides all the essential tools and accessories needed for creating successful paper crafts with one of Provo Craft's Cricut personal electronic cutting machines. The perfect companion to a brand new Cricut, the kit enables greater flexibility and dexterity for making unique paper scrapbook embellishments, fun bulletin board letters, and custom stationery.

Christmas Card Maker. From your heart to theirs — keepsake cards you create using your home computer and printer! This all-in-one set includes our exclusive Dover Design Studio software with over 250 images, patterns, fonts, and artful greetings; video lessons; and templates for bi-fold cards, a postcard, and envelopes. A gallery of finished cards provides inspiration. Cards and envelopes not included. Mac and PC compatible.

Card Making with Cricut. Demonstrating the endless assortment of shapes and styles that can be made using the Cricut from Provo Craft, this guide helps crafters create unique and sensational greeting cards with ease. With simple instructions, imaginative sample projects for occasions such as baby showers and birthdays, and unlimited design options, this helpful reference explains how to impress friends, coworkers, and family with personalized homemade cards.

Mod Podge is 40 years old, but this classic decoupage glue still has its cool. Crafters of any skill level can create anything from paper keepsakes to jewelry to home decor items. The original formula, all-in-one glue sealer and finish, can be used to decoupage on nearly any surface. Quick-drying formula allows for multiple coat build up and projects dry to a matte finish. Cleans up easily with soap and water. Certified AP non-toxic and water based. 

What are your craft holiday gift ideas?

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