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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DIY purse notebook

I always like to have something in my purse to write notes or to keep track of things when I'm out. I think post-it's are great, but they get messy in a purse or bag getting bounced around so I covered some up with some card stock, added a monogram, and decoupaged a pen to match. Now I have a personalized notepad exactly the way I want it!
For this project I used:
Patterned cardstock
Pattern sissors
"W" cutout
Circle cutout
Post it's
Hot glue
Mod podge
Velcro dots

The first thing I did was cut my  cardstock down to size, this will be different depending on what paper you buy. For my post it's, I needed to cut mine to be 3.5" X 8. Place the post it with about 3.5" from the bottom and fold up and over from both ends. Make sure to make a crisp fold at each corner of your notepad.

Add a Velcro dot to the center and seal to adhere. As shown, I have a picture of a pen to match. I cut cardstock to match and covered the paper and pen with a thin layer of mod podge. This took some time to adhere. I rolled the pen to make the ends lay flat and applied a coat of mod podge to protect the paper. You may need to make your pen cap bigger to accommodate the paper, I did so using pliers. Below is a picture with no monogram, just to show that it looks nice without embellishment.

 I have seen something like this given out as a favor for a baby shower or a wedding shower with a rubber duck, rattles, or campaign glasses on the front. These are super easy and quick to make. A great idea for last minute Christmas gifts!

Happy crafting!!

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