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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas stocking hangers DIY

I have been looking for ways to hang my Christmas stocking without damaging my walls, and I didn't want to use the command hooks. I came up with the idea of using door knobs! I went to Home Depot to look at knobs and not knowing if I want to keep the knobs up as picture hangers later, I was not looking to spend a fortune. I ended up with plain wooden door knobs that look like this:
I painted them black then applied a opalescent coat over the top and applied a small gem in the center. This is the finished product!

I fastened them to the wall with the smallest command strips! To make your own stocking hanger you need:
Wooden door knobs
Craft paint
Small gem or embelishment

This project took minutes to complete, but I think looks so nice with our color scheme. Best of all, it cost under $4!

Happy crafting!

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